Château La Lagune

Appreciated and recognized since the 18th Century, enchanting by its aromatic sincerity
and the grain of its texture, La Lagune has always benefied from a « côte d’amour ».

Historically, La Lagune wines are fine and elegant, harmonious and balanced. It is this very special terroir that expresses itself in the wines of La Lagune, shaped by the climate of the vintage.

This gravelly hillside gives the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot a unique balance of power and elegance. The vitality of the fruit endows the wine with an aristocratic finesse, infusing its velvety texture and profound character, reflecting the estate’s rich ecosystem.

Lovers of La Lagune will find, with each passing vintage, the same personality that has always made the estate’s wines so famous.