Several hundred years of history

Two kilometres from the Garonne, lies an exquisite elevated chartreuse, undoubtedly one of the oldest estates
in the Médoc, Château La Lagune. The history of La Lagune, the aptly named Médoc in honour of the fifteen natural
waterholes that irrigated the eighty hectares of land at the time, began in the late Middle Ages.


A certain Mr Eyral buys the « Village de La Lagune ». The « father » of Château la Lagune transformed the hamlet and a few tenements into a large wine-producing estate.


Jean Lavaud, King’s Councillor and Controller of the Fortifications of Guyenne, thanks to his comfortable fortune, expanded his possessions through a series of acquisitions, including his main estate at La Lagune.


The Lavaud family ordered a beautiful chartreuse, in its present form, to be completed 3 years later, thanks to the talent of the great architects of the time, Portier or Voisin.


Thanks to its first-rate terroir, Château la Lagune has been awarded the superb distinction of 3e grand cru in the historic 1855 classification.

The Bordeaux wine merchant Louis Seze, who arrived in 1886, and his daughter Marguerite went on to produce great wines of international renown.


Affected by the various wars at the beginning of the century, work to reconstitute the vineyard and restore the chartreuse was undertaken by the owner at the time, Georges Brunet, to whom Marguerite had carefully entrusted the keys in 1958.

En 1961, La Lagune passed into the hands of René Chayoux, owner of the Ayala Champagne House, before being bequeathed to Mr Ducellier.


In the early 2000, the Château La Lagune came out of its long slumber thanks to the Frey Family, who became owner.

Massive works were undertaken in the vineyard. The technical facilities were also remodelled: a new vat room was built and the cellar was enlarged. The Chartreuse was back in the limelight. Since 2004, enriched by Denis Dubourdieu’s teaching, Caroline Frey, the oenologist and winemaker, has been guiding the château’s destiny:

« La Lagune had enormous potential, but it was time to wake up the sleeping beauty ».