An ode to biodiversity

Biodiversity around our vines helps to encourage crop auxiliaries and exchanges between living organisms,
which are beneficial to the balance of the vines and their natural defences.

« Biodiversity guarantees the life of the vines, which search deep down for the best juices, a way of broadening the spectrum of blends and refining this terroir wine ».

2016 sees the start of a partnership with the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (League for the Protection of Birds) & creation of two biodiversity refuges: the Jalles de Ludon and the Château La Lagune refuge. 40 hectares of freedom.

A virtuous alchemy between the mineral, the vegetal and the animal which gives, vintage after vintage, soul and depth to this great terroir wine.

2022 also sees the birth of an agro-ecological orchard planted in front of Château La Lagune. Ancient varieties of fruit trees scrupulously selected for their interactions with living organisms.

These trees are planted in 4 circles to recreate a forest-like ecosystem. This configuration will increase exchanges between the different species and create a natural balance, while reducing the number of pests attracted to the periphery.