Biodynamic Viticulture, an approach
in favor of nature

In her search for the finest expression of her wines and with a strong commitment to preserving the soil and the environment,
Caroline Frey converted the entire vineyard to organic farming in 2016.

At every season of the year, the vines require special care, which is provided by a team of 25 committed and well-informed winegrowers.
In 2021, Château La Lagune receives biodynamic certification under the Biodyvin label, becoming

the 10th Bordeaux wine to carry this label. This is the fruit of fifteen years’ work to establish a viticulture that is respectful of the vines, the land, people and biodiversity.

Biodynamics sees its environment as a self-sustaining ecosystem, where each element is interconnected and influences the others. The earth, plants, animals and natural cycles are interdependent and form part of a whole.

We use specific preparations based on plants, minerals and compost to enhance the vitality of the soil and the vines. A harmonious balance is created for the benefit of the wines.

“Biodynamic viticulture allows us to better understand and care for the vines. It’s a regenerative approach that requires a deep understanding of the nature of the vine and links it to its global environment.”